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Mercedes SLK-Class (R170) - Service Information & Owner's Manual

English Service Information and User Manual to vehicles Mercedes SLK-Class (R170).

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- English Service Information and User Manual to vehicles Mercedes SLK-Class (R170).


- Introduction
Operator’s manual
Where to find it
Instruments and controls
- Instruments and controls
Center console
Overhead control panel
- Operation
- Remote control with folding master key
Start lock-out
General notes on the central locking system
Central locking system
- Remote control
- Locking and unlocking with remote control
- Choosing global or selective mode on remote control
- Panic button
- P72.10-2154-26
Central locking switch
Automatic central locking
Emergency unlocking in case of accident
- P88.50-2065-26
Emergency release for trunk lid
Antitheft alarm system
Tow-away alarm
- Head restraints:Removal
Seat heater
Seat belts and integrated restraint system
Seat belts
- Seat belt nonusage warning system
- Fastening of seat belts
- Unfastening of seat belts
- Operation
Self-test BabySmart
Supplemental restraint system (SRS)
Emergency tensioning retractor (ETR)
- P91.60-2212-26
- Front airbags
- Side impact airbags
- Safety guidelines for the seat belt, emergency tensioning retractor and airbag
- Infant and child restraint systems
Adjusting telescoping steering column
Rear view mirrors
- Inside rear view mirror
- Exterior rear view mirrors
Instrument cluster
- Indicator lamps in the instrument cluster
- Function indicator lamp on the center console
- Additional function indicator lamps (in the odometer display)
- Instrument cluster:Activating
- Instrument lamps
- Display illumination
- Coolant temperature gauge
- Outside temperature indicator
- Trip Odometer
- Clock
- Tachometer
Flexible service system (FSS)
Checking engine oil level
Engine oil consumption
Exterior lamp switch
- Daytime running lamps
Headlamp cleaning system
Combination switch
- Windshield wipers smear
- Blocked windshield wipers
Hazard warning flasher switch
Climate control
- Basic setting – heater
- Basic setting – air conditioner
- Special settings
- Defogging windows
- Economy
- Climate control - OFF
- Rear window defroster
- Air recirculation
- Residual engine heat utilization (
- Dust Filter
Audio and telephone, operation
Operating safety
Operating and display elements
Anti-theft system
- Entering the code number
Button and soft key operation
- Switching on and off
- Setting the audio volume
- Audio functions
- Bass
- Treble
- Balance
- Centering all audio functions
Radio mode
- Selecting radio mode
- Selecting the band
- Manual tuning
- Seek tuning
- Scan tuning
- Station memory
- Storing stations
- Retrieving a station from memory
- Direct frequency input (AM and FM only)
Cassette mode
- Playing cassettes
- Cassette eject
- Track selection
- Track search forwards / backwards
- Fast forward / reverse
- Scanning
- Dolby NR  
CD mode
- General notes on CD mode
- CD changer installed
- Loading / emptying the CD magazine
- Playing CDs
- Skipping tracks forwards / backwards
- Fast forward / reverse
- Scanning
- Random play / repeat function
- Direct track selection
Telephone operation
- Switching the telephone on and off
- Entering telephone number and starting dialing process
- Calling up the phone book
- Switching between name search and number search
- Searching and selecting phone book entries by name
- Searching and selecting phone book entries by number
- Placing a call
- Manual repeat dialing (redial)
- Accepting incoming call in telephone mode
- Accepting incoming call in tape, CD or radio mode
- Terminating call
- Component malfunctions
Power windows
- Express opening of door windows
Interior lighting
Night security illumination
Sun visors with vanity mirror
Cup holder and glove box
- Cup holder
- Glove box
Storage compartments
- Storage compartment in center console
- Storage compartment in armrest
- Coin holder
Parcel net in passenger footwell
Shelf behind roll bars
Cellular telephone
Garage door opener
Retractable hardtop
- P65.10-2090-26
- Lowering Hardtop
- Raising Hardtop
Wind screen
- Installation
Luggage cover
- Driving
- Radio and telephone
- Telephones and two-way radio
The first 1 000 miles (1 500 km)
Tele Aid
- System self-check
- Tele Aid:Emergency calls
- Tele Aid:Initiating an emergency call manually
- P54.30-3045-26
- Tele Aid:Roadside Assistance
- Tele Aid:Information
- Remote door unlock
- Stolen vehicle tracking services
Catalytic converter
Emission control
Steering lock
Starting and turning off the engine
- Before starting
- Starting
- Turning off
Manual transmission
Automatic transmission
- Driving
- Accelerator position
- Stopping
- Maneuvering
- Automatic transmission:Selector lever positions
- Gear selection for special circumstances
- Automatic transmission:Program mode selector switch
- Emergency Operation (Limp Home Mode)
Parking brake
Driving instructions
- Drive sensibly – Save Fuel
- Drinking and driving
- Pedals
- Power assistance
- Brakes
- Driving off
- Parking
- Tires
- Snow chains
- Winter driving instructions
- Anticorrosion / antifreeze
- Block heater
- Deep water
- Passenger compartment
- Traveling abroad
Cruise control
Brake assist system (BAS)
Antilock brake system (ABS)
Electronic stability program (ESP)
- ESP (Electronic stability program):Synchronizing
- ESP (Electronic stability program):Control switch
What you should know at the gas station
Check regularly and before a long trip
Instrument cluster display
- Instrument cluster display
- On-board diagnostic system
- Brake warning lamp
- Brake pad wear indicator lamp
- Seat belt nonusage warning lamp
- Supplemental restraint system (SRS) indicator lamp
- Fuel reserve and fuel cap placement warning
- Electronic stability program (ESP) — warning lamp
- BAS / ESP malfunction indicator lamp
- ABS malfunction indicator lamp
- Telescoping steering column warning lamp
- Low engine coolant level warning lamp
- Low windshield and headlamp washer system fluid level warning lamp
- Low engine oil level warning lamp
- Charge indicator lamp
- Exterior lamp failure indicator lamp
- Additional function indicator lamps (in the odometer display)
Malfunction and indicator lamp in the center console
- AIRBAG OFF indicator lamp
Practical hints
- Practical hints
Stowing things in the vehicle
Automatic transmission fluid level
Checking engine oil level
Coolant level
Adding coolant
Windshield and headlamp washer system
- Windshield and headlamp washer fluid mixing ratio
Air pump, spare wheel, vehicle tools, storage compartment
Vehicle jack
Tire replacement
Rotating wheels
Spare wheel
- Spare wheel bolts
Changing wheels
- Inflating the collapsible spare tire
- Storing spare wheel in wheel well
Tire inflation pressure
- Battery recycling
Towing the vehicle
Transmission selector lever, manually unlocking
Exterior lamps
- Exterior lamps:Replacing bulbs
- Headlamp assembly
- P82.10-2352-26
- Exterior lamps:Low and high beam
- Xenon bulb for low beam
- Parking, standing and turn signal lamp
- P82.10-2354-26
- Taillamp assemblies
- Exterior lamps:Side marker lamp, front
- High mounted stop lamp
Changing batteries in the remote control
- P80.30-2094-26
- Synchronizing remote control
Emergency engine shut-down
Raising hardtop manually
Replacing wiper blade insert
- P82.30-2037-26
Manual release of fuel filler flap
Vehicle care
- Vehicle care
- Power washer
- Paintwork, painted body components
- Tar stains
- Engine cleaning
- Vehicle washing
- Headlamps, taillamps, turn signal lenses
- Window cleaning
- Rear window cleaning
- Wiper blades
- Light alloy wheels
- Instrument cluster
- Steering wheel and gear selector lever
- Cup holder
- Hard plastic trim items
- Plastic and rubber parts
- Headliner and shelf behind roll bars
- Upholstery
- Seat belts
Technical data
- Technical data
Warranty coverage
- Loss of Service and Warranty Information Booklet
Identification labels
- P62.10-2022-26
Layout of poly-V-belt drive
- P13.20-2008-26
Technical data
- Rims – Tires
- Electrical system
- Weights
- Main Dimensions
Fuels, coolants, lubricants etc. – capacities
Engine oils
Engine oil additives
Air conditioner refrigerant
Brake fluid
Premium unleaded gasoline
Fuel requirements
Gasoline additives
Consumer information
- Uniform tire quality grading
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