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Mercedes Unimog 405 - Operating Instructions - User Manual

English Operating Instructions / User Manual, to vehicles Mercedes Unimog 405.

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LANGUAGE: English.
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- English Operating Instructions / User Manual, to vehicles Mercedes Unimog 405.



Operating Instructions
- Before the first journey
- Implied warranty
- Vehicle equipment
Correct use
Protection of the environment
- Economical and environmentally aware driving
Operating safety and vehicle approval
- Information on vehicle operation
- Declaration of conformity
- Diagnostics connection
- Changing the engine power output
- Qualified specialist workshops
- Registering your vehicle
- BlueTec®exhaust gas aftertreatment
- Attachments, bodies, equipment and conversions
Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts
Data stored in the vehicle
Overhead control panel
Instrument cluster
- Displays
- Warning and indicator lamps
Centre console
- Front centre console
- Rear centre console
Multifunction steering wheel
Combination switch
Cruise control lever
Multifunction lever
Useful information
Occupant safety
- Restraint system introduction
- Important safety notes
- Seat belts
Children in the vehicle
- Important safety notes
- Child restraint system
Pets in the vehicle
Useful information
Locking system
- Keys
- Normal door lock
- Mowing door lock
- Remote control batteries
- Electronic immobiliser
Getting into and out of the vehicle
Side windows
- Important safety notes
- Opening/closing the side windows
Rear window
Useful information
- Important safety notes
- Operating the seats
- Seat heating
Adjusting the multifunction steering wheel
Dual-mode steering
- Important safety notes
- Changing the steering position
Exterior mirrors
- Adjusting the exterior mirrors
- Adjusting the mirror arm on vehicles with dual-mode steering
- Exterior mirror heating
- Additional mirror, vehicles with mowing door
Lighting system
- Driving abroad
- Light switch
- Headlamp range control
- Combination switch
- Hazard warning lamps
- Interior lighting
- Exterior lighting control
- Working-area lamps
- Auxiliary headlamps
- Rotating beacons or strobe lights
- Notes on replacing bulbs
- Overview of bulbs
- Replacing bulbs
Good visibility
- Windscreen wipers
- Windscreen washer system
- Headlamp cleaning system
- Mowing door windscreen wiper and washer system
- Windscreen heating
Power supply
- Battery isolator switch
- Sockets
- Sun visors
- Cup and bottle holder
- Universal carrier in the centre console
- Compressed air connection on the cab
- Changes the installation position of the control lever and hydraulic system controls
- Cable guides
- Communications
Useful information
General notes
Heating/air conditioning and ventilation
- Overview and control panel
- Functions
- Setting the airflow
- Setting the temperature
- Setting the air distribution
- Switching air recirculation mode on/off
- Switching mixed air operation on/off
- Demisting (maximum heating output)
- Residual heat
- Air-conditioning system
- Adjusting the air vents
Auxiliary heating
- Important safety notes
- Mandatory switch-off
- Operation using the timer
- Switching engine preheating on/off
- Alarm function
- Problems with the auxiliary heating
Useful information
Instrument cluster
- Important safety notes
- Rev counter
- AdBlue®gauge
- Fuel gauge
- Clock and outside temperature
- Odometer
- Engine diagnostics indicator lamp
On-board computer
- Operating the on-board computer
- Areas in the on-board computer display
- Menus at a glance
- Trip data menu
- Driving mode menu
- Audio and communications menu
- Operation and maintenance menu
- Monitoring info menu
- Settings menu
On-board computer event window
- Notes on events
- Grey event window
- Yellow event window
- Red event window
Warning/indicator lamps in the status area of the on-board computer
- Important safety notes
- Overview
- Yellow warning or indicator lamp
- Red warning or indicator lamp
Important safety notes
General notes
Anti-theft protection
Operating system
- CD radio overview
- Function overview
- Notes on the Bluetooth®function
- Switching the Bluetooth®function on or off
- Pairing a mobile phone
Useful information
- Preparing for a journey
- Ignition lock
- Before driving off
- Pulling away
- Stopping and switching off the engine
- Brake system
- Checking the compressed-air system for leaks
- ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
- Parking brake
- Four-wheel parking brake
- Continuous brake
- Important safety notes
- Multifunction lever and gear indicator
- Cruise control lever
- Operating lever
- Pulling away
- Driving and changing gears
- Stopping the vehicle
- Reverse gear and changing direction quickly
Telligent®automatic gearshift
- Important safety notes
- Multifunction lever and gear indicator
- Cruise control lever
- Operating lever
- Drive programs and drive functions
- Stopping the vehicle and pulling away
- Driving using the automatic drive program
- Driving using the manual drive program
- Reverse gear and changing direction quickly
- Clutch pedal
Shifting gears
- Working gears
- Crawler gears
Driving mode
- Torque converter clutch
- Tyre pressure control system
- Differential lock
- Radiator quick cleaning system
Driving systems
- Speed limiter
- Cruise control
- Camera
Hydrostatic drive system
- General notes
- Working speeds
- Switching the hydrostatic drive system on/off
- Activating/deactivating standby mode, vehicles with Telligent®automatic gearshift
- Driving with the hydrostatic drive system
- Working mode cruise control with work limiter
- Driving with the cruise control lever
- Driving with the control lever
Driving tips
- General notes on driving
- Running-in
- Driving with a high body centre of gravity
- Driving mode
- Driving off-road
- Using cable winches
- Diesel particle filter
- Fuel consumption
- AdBlue®consumption
- Engine oil consumption
- Limiting the speed
- Warning buzzer
- Fuel
- AdBlue®
- Trailer tow hitch
- Coupling up
- Connecting cables and compressed-air lines
Winter operation
- Driving in winter
- Snow chains
- Cold climate package
Useful information
Important safety notes
- Types of hydraulic system
- Hydraulic system controls
- Deactivating/activating the hydraulic system
Hydraulic connections
- Important safety notes
- Working hydraulics circuit I and circuit II
- Power hydraulics
Menus and input windows in the on-board computer
- Brief instructions
- "Hydraulics" menu window
- "Working functions" menu window
- "Hydraulics" input window
- "Load profile 1" or "Load profile 2" function
- "Settings" menu window
Working hydraulics circuit I
- Activating/deactivating working hydraulics circuit I
- Controlling hydraulic connections
- Lowering restrictor
- Float settings
- Snow plough load relief
- Continuous consumers
Working hydraulics circuit II
- working hydraulics circuit II, vehicles with gear pump
- Working hydraulics circuit II, vehicles with positioning pump
Power hydraulics circuit III/IV
- General notes
- Activating/deactivating the power hydraulics
Useful information
Equipment operation
- Engine speed mode
- Engine speed setting
- Power take-offs
- Front PTO shaft
- Front mounting plate
- Fitting additional equipment
- Transporting equipment
- Working with equipment
- Working on equipment
Tipper platform
- General notes
- Loading the tipper platform
- Securing loads
- Fitting equipment on the tipper platform
- Safety prop
- Platform dropsides
- Tipper operation
- Removing and fitting the tipper platform with a crane
- Quick-change system for the tipper platform
Useful information
Cleaning and care
- Notes on care
- Cleaning the interior
- Cleaning the vehicle exterior
- High-pressure cleaning
- Automatic car wash
- Cleaning the engine
- Cleaning light-alloy wheels
- After driving off-road or on a construction site
- Chassis and underbody protection
- Important safety notes
- Opening/closing the front flap
- Removing/replacing the front flap
- Coolant level
- Hydraulic clutch actuation system
- Torque converter clutch
- Windscreen washer system
- Engine oil level
- Oil level of steering
- Checking the oil level of the working hydraulics
- Oil level of power hydraulics
- Oil level, hydrostatic drive system
- Front PTO shaft
- Replacing the wiper blades
- Cleaning the radiator
- Cleaning the fine particle filter or the active charcoal filter
- Cleaning the air filter
- Cleaning the release valve on the air intake duct
- Draining the compressed-air reservoir
- Checking the vehicle assemblies
- Checking the anti-corrosion protection
- Batteries
- Parking up the vehicle
Useful information
Where will I find...?
- Vehicle tool kit and emergency equipment
- Wheel chock
- Tilting the cab
- Problems when tilting the cab
- Starting and stopping the engine with the cab tilted
- Replacing the fuel prefilter
- Replacing the fuel filter
- Draining and replacing the fuel prefilter with water separator
- Bleeding the fuel system
- Engine does not start
Flat tyre
- Changing a wheel in the event of a flat tyre
- Retightening the wheel nuts
- Tyre inflator connection
Electrical fuses
- Auxiliary consumers
- Fuses
Compressed-air system
- Charging the compressed-air system from an outside source
Jump-starting, tow-starting and towing away
- Jump-starting
- Manoeuvring/tow-starting and towing away
- Releasing the spring-loaded parking brake cylinders
Useful information
Important safety notes
- Operating and road safety
Tyre pressure
- Important safety notes
- Determining tyre pressure
- Tyre pressure table
Useful information
Vehicle identification plates
- Vehicle identification plate
- Engine data plate
Operating data
Service products
- Important safety notes
- Brake fluid
- Engine oils
- Transmission oil
- Drive axle and transmission
- Coolant
- Hydraulic fluids
- Diesel fuels
- AdBlue®
Hydraulic system
- Hydraulic system schematic: working hydraulics
- Hydraulic system schematic: power hydraulics
- Hydraulic connections
- Hydraulic system flow rates
Vehicle dimensions
Information on the compressed-air reservoir
Compressed-air reservoir identification plates
Editorial office
Vehicle manufacturer