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Lotus Esprit S4 Turbo - Spare Parts Catalogue

English Spare Parts Catalogue, in PDF format, to vehicles Lotus Esprit S4 Turbo.

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- Spare Parts Catalogue, in PDF format, to vehicles Lotus Esprit S4.


PARTS MANUAL S4   (366 pages)

TURBO 93-96

Body Structure
10.01A Bodyshell & Front Body Repair Sections
10.02A Rear Body Repair Sections
10.03A Body to Chassis Fixings
10.04A Body Attachment 'Bobbins'
10.05A Body Crossbeams, Jacking Plates
10.07A Headlamp Pods & Pivots
10.09A Front Bonnet & Release Mechanism
10.11A Tailgate & Release Mechanism
10.13A Engine Compartment, Undertray
10.15A Door Shell, Beam, Hinges, Hinge Post
10.17A Door Handles, Lock Mechanism, Striker Posts
10.23A S4: Bumpers, Sills, Valances, Spoilers
10.23B Sport 300: Bumpers, Sills, Valances, Spoilers
10.31A Towing Eye & Fixings
Glazing, Door Weatherstrips, Window Lift
11.01A Glass, Finishers, Door Weatherstrips
11.02A Door Window Frames, Window Lift Mechanism
11.05A Glass Roof
11.05B Composite, Fixed Composite Roof
Exterior Hardware & Trim
12.01A Capping Rails, Air Scoops, Wind Deflector
12.02A Fuel Filler Flaps & Release Mechanism
12.05A Decals & Badges
12.07A License Plate Plinths
12.09A Door Mirrors
Seats & Seat Belts
13.03A Seat Frames, Runners, Recline Mechanism
13.09A Seat Foams, Suspension, Lumbar Support
13.11A Trimmed Seats, Covers
13.27A Seat Belts & Reel Covers
Pedal Box & Fascia
14.01A Pedal Box & Pedals, Throttle Cable
14.05A Except Dual S.I.R.: Fascia Trim, Knee Bolster
14.05B Dual S.I.R.: Fascia Trim, Knee Bolster
14.07A Binnacle Instrument Panel & Masks
14.08A Centre Console, Climate Controls Mtg. Brkt.
14.10A Trimmed Instrument Binnacle
14.12A Glovebox
Interior Trim
15.01A Roof Trim, Interior Mirror, Sun Visors
15.11A Rear Bulkhead Trim, Bulkhead Pocket
15.13A Door Trim
15.19A Tunnel Trim, Gear Level Gaiters
15.24A Luggage Compartment Carpet
15.30A Passenger Compartment Carpet, Handbrake Gaiter
Sound Insulation
16.01A S4: Passenger Compartment Sound Insulation
16.02A Body Underside Sound Insulation
17.01A Harnesses, Leads & Fuses
17.03A Prior VIN*: Relays, Modules & Horns
17.03B From VIN*: Relays, Modules & Horns
17.03C Prior VIN*: Engine Bay Relay Box & Inertia Switch
17.03D From VIN*: Engine Control Relays & Inertia Switch
17.05A Driver Operated Switches & Cigar Lighter
17.06A Engine Management ECM & Sensors
17.06B S.I.R.: Inflator Modules, D.E.R.M. & Sensors
17.06C ABS: ECM & Sensors
17.07A Instruments, Senders, Tell Tales, Clock
17.09A S4: Speedo Cable
17.11A Lamps (except headlamps), Door Switches
17.13A Headlamps, Carriers & Masks
17.15A Headlamp Pod Motors & Lift Mechanism
17.21A Windscreen Wiper Mechanism & Washers
17.27A Audio Equipment, Speakers, Aerial
17.29A Earth Braids & Suppression Devices
17.31A Battery & Battery Cable
17.33A Alarm System Controller & Sensors
Heater/Air Conditioning
18.01A Heater/Air Conditioning Assembly, Casings
18.03A Condenser, Evaporator, Rec. Drier, Hoses
18.05A Heater Matrix, Water Valve & Plumbing
18.07A Interior Blower Motor
18.09A Rotary Controls, Graphic Panel, Screen Flap Mech.
18.11A Vacuum Pipes, Valves, Flaps, Actuators, Vacuum Pump
18.13A Intake Plenum, Ducting Outlets & Vents
Labels & Literature
19.01A Labels
19.03A Owner's Handbooks & Service Notes Manuals
31.01A Front Suspension & Hubs
31.03A Rear Suspension & Hubs
32.03A Power Steering Rack, Lower Column
32.05A Upper Steering Column & Wheel, Lock & Ign. Switch
33.01A S4 Prior VIN*: Brake Calipers & Discs
33.01B S4 From VIN*: Brake Calipers & Discs
33.01C Sport 300: Brake Calipers & Discs
33.03A Booster/Master Cylinder, Pump, Accumulator
33.03B Hydraulic System, Brake Pipes & Hoses
33.05A Parking Brake Mechanism
40.01A Block, Main Bearing Housing, Engine Mountings
40.03A Oil Sump
40.05A Cylinder Head & Gasket, Valves, Guides & Springs
40.07A Cam Housings, Camshafts, Tappets
40.09A Pistons & Liners, Connecting Rods
40.11A Crankshaft, Flywheel
40.13A Water Pump
40.15A Auxiliary Housing, Oil Pump, Turbo Oil Pipes
40.17A D.I. Module/Ignition Coils, H.T. Leads, Spark Plugs
40.19A Alternator, Starter Motor
40.21A Exhaust Manifold, Turbocharger
40.23A A.C. Compressor, Mounting Bracket, Jocky Wheel
40.25A Power Steering Pump, Pulley, Mounting Bracket
40.28A Engine Upper Gasket Set
40.28B Engine Lower Gasket Set
Belts & Pulleys
41.01A Camshaft Belt, Toothed Pulleys, Tensioner
41.03A Auxiliary Drive Belts & Pulleys
Induction System
42.01A Airbox, Chargecooler, Intake Plenum
42.07A Inlet Manifold, Fuel Rail, IAC Valve
Fuel System
44.01A Fuel Tanks, Filler Necks, Gauge Sender Unit
44.03A Fuel Pump, Filter, Fuel Pipes
44.05A Evaporative Loss System
Exhaust System
45.01A Exhaust System & Mountings, Ex. Back Press. Valve
45.05A Heat Shields
Cooling System
46.01A Radiator & Duct, Rad. Fans, Header Tank, Pipework
46.03A Oil Coolers, Ducts & Hoses
46.05A Engine Bay Cooling Ducts & Trunking
46.10A Chargecooler, Pump, Radiator, Pipes
47.01A Clutch & Release Mechanism
47.03A Transmission Assembly & Mountings
47.05A Gearchange Mechanism - external
47.06A Gear Selector Mechanism - internal
47.07A Gears, Shafts & Bearings
47.11A Crownwheel & Pinion, Differential
47.15A Driveshafts
60.01A Toolkit, Jack & Handle, Wheelbrace & Stowage
60.02A Engine Special Tools
60.03A Delco Injection Special Tools
60.04A Renault Transmission Special Tools & Adhesives
60.05A ABS, S.I.R. & Body Special Tools
Bulk Items
80.05A Sealants & Adhesives
80.20A Touch-in Paint