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Kinroad XT650GK - Workshop Manual / Repair Manual - Wiring Schematics - Parts Manual

English Workshop Manual / Repair Manual , Wiring Schematics and Spare Parts Catalogue to buggy Kinroad XT650GK.

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LANGUAGE: English.
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- English Workshop Manual, Wiring Schematics and Spare Parts Catalogue to buggy Kinroad XT650GK



1. Foreword
2. A Few Words About Safety
3. Important Safety Information
4. Safety Labels
5. Are You Ready To Drive?
6. Is Your Vehicle Ready To Drive?
7. Safe Driving Precautions
8. Specifications
9. Operations
10. Service Instructions
11. Repair
12. Periodical Check And Service
13. Wiring Schematics


Chapter one: Engine technical data and specification
1.1 Engine technical data and specification
1.2 Petrol Engine External Character Curve
Chapter two: Engine operation
2.1 Points for attention in engine operation
2.2 Running-in of new engine
2.3 Staring, Running and turning off engine
Chapter Three: Structural characteristics and assembly requirements of engine
3.1 Cylinder head assembly
3.2 Cylinder block assembly and balance chain
3.3 Crankshaft and main shaft bearing
3.4 Piston and connecting rod assembly
3.5 Distributor assembly
3.6 Carburetor assembly
3.7 Lubrication system
3.8 Cooling system
3.9 Electrical system
3.10 Clutch assembly and transmission assembly
3.11 Engine leakage prevention
Chapter Four: Engine maintenance
4.1 Engine maintenance cycle
4.2 Point of attention for engine maintenance
Chapter Five: Engine main troubles and remedies
Appendix A: Fit Clearances of Main Components
Appendix B: Tightening Torque
Appendix C: Sealing Surfaces and Sealant


Frame Comp.
Front Brush Guard Bar.Main
Bolt, Hex In M12×1.75×25
Font Fender.R
Brackey.Front Fender.R
Bolt M6×20
Rubber Washer ( Ø6)
Nut Flange M6
Bolt Flange M10*25
Nur Flange M10
Brackey.Rear Fender.R
Rear Fender.R
Brackey.Tow Ball
Tow Ball
Bolt Flange M8×45
Nut Flange M8
Rear Bumper Bar
Bolt.Hex In M12×1.75×25
Fuel Tank Strap
Fuel Tank Strap
Nut Flange M10
Bolt Flange M10×45
Cover,Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank Rubber Strap
Nur Flange M10

Fuel Tube,300
Circlip, Fuel Tube?12.5
Tank,Comp. Fuel
Fuel Tube,450
Filter Bracket
Nut Flange M8
Bolt Flange M8×45
Rubber ,Filter Bracket
Rubber Washer ( Ø6)
Flat Washer Ø5
Bolt Flange M5×16
Bolt Flange M8×45
Nut Flange M8
Rear Fender.L
Brackey.Tear Fender.L
Front Fender.L
Brackey.Front Fender.L
Carrier Comp.,Rear
Cover,Carrier Comp.,Rear
Fuel Sensor
Bolt Flange M8×12
Top Fabric
Foam Cover
Right Brush Guard Bar ,Main
Left Brush Guard Bar ,Main
Nut Flange M12
Bolt, Hex In M10×55
Bolt Flange M8*20
Rear Brush Guard Bar ,Center
Front Brush Guard Bar ,Center
Rubber Cover,Bar
Rubber Cover,Wire
Top Lamp Assy.
Bolt Flange M8×40
Nut Flange M8
Belt, Safety
Seat Rail Set
Nut Flange M8
Bolt Flange M8×40
Nut Flange M10
Cylinder Assy,Master
Bolt Flange M8×30
Spring For Brake Handle
Cap,Tire Intake
Tire,Fr 25×8-12
Tire,Fr 25×10-12
Rim Decorative Cap
Engine Assy
Engine Mount,Left1
Engine Mount,Left2

Bolt Flange M10×25
Washer ,Sprtng Ø10
Bolt Flange M8×20
Washer ,Sprtng Ø8
Engine Rubber Bumper2
Nut M12×1.75
Flat Washer Ø12
Nut Flange M10
Engine Mount,Front
Engine Mount,Front
Engine Mount,Rear
Muffer Bracket
Muffler Comp.,Ex
Exhaust Gasket To Head1
Bolt Flange M8×25
Nut Flange M8
Front Exhaust Pipe
Carbon Bush
Bolt Flange M8×16
Flexible Hose
Flexible Hose Clamp
Air Cleanr Assy.
Oil Pipe 1
Oil Pipe 2
Circlip, Fuel Tube?12.5
Water Outlet Hose,Engine
Water Inlet Hose,Engine
Circlip 21-44
Bolt, Hex In M12×1.75×25
Bolt Flange M6×25
Rubber Ring
Nut Flange M6
Water Tank, Subsidiary
Overflow Bottle Hose?
Overflow Bottle Hoseii
Gasline Pump
Air Cleanr Bracket
Coil Comp. Ignition
Rubber Washer ( Ø6)
Flat Washer Ø6
Bolt M10×20
Head Lamp
Nut Flange M8
Bolt Flange M8×40
Forward Left Turning Light
Right Rearview Mirror
Bolt, Hex In M8
Signal Indicator
Fuel Meter
Cover Switch
Toplight Switch
Ehgine Stop Button
Horn Button
Guard Against Theft Lock
Bolt.Hexin M5*16
Intergrated Switch Assy.
Nut Flange M8
Bolt Flange M8×16
Nut Flange M6
Tail Lamp Assy.
Bolt St3.8×12
Rear Registration Plate Lamp
Main Wire Harness
Bolt Flange M8×98
Nut Flange M8
Rubber Battery
Pressure Plate, Battery
Rectifier Comp,Regulate
Flash Instrument
Wiring Box
Bolt M6×75
Bolt Flange M8×20
Nut Flange M8
Bolt Flange M10×25
Nut Flange M10
Speed Sensor Cable
Forward Right Turning Light
Behind Left Turning Light
Behind Right Turning Light
Absorber Assy. Fr.
Bolt Flange M12×55
Bolt Flange M10×50
Nut Flange M10
Nut Flange M12
Absorber Assy. Rr.
Bolt Flange M12×55
Bolt Flange M12×55
Bolt Flange M12×70
Sheet Bush,Swing Arm
Suspension Arm Comp,Upper
Rod End
Suspension Arm Comp,Lower
Bolt Flangem10×45
Bolt Flange M8×25
Washer ,Sprtng Ø8
Dust Seal 40×58-8.5
Stub Axle,R
Bearing Fwd305530
Dust Seal 40×55-6
Hole Spacer, Elastic 55
Bolt M8×20
Bolt Flangem12×30
Front Hub
Wheel Nut M12
Flat Washer 18
Washer ,Sprtng Ø18
Nut-Castle M18×1.5,Front Axle
Cotterpiin 3.2×40
Stub Axle,L
Left Proppeller Shaft
Left Proppeller Shaft
Lower Suspension,Upper
Lower Suspension,Lower
Bush,Shaft Carrier
Spacer,Shaft Carrier
Bolt Flange M10×85
Shaft Carrier
Bolt Flange M8×25
Washer ,Sprtng Ø8
Hole Spacer, Elastic 55
Rear Hub
Nut-Castle M24×1.5,Front Axle
Washer ,Sprtng Ø24
Cotterpiin 3.8×40
Lower Suspension,Lower
Sheet Bush Swing Arm
Lower Suspension,Upper
Bolt Flange M12×105